I'm Sarah, otherwise known as Noximist, Noxi, Sarahsaur, Ocelot, Miss, Hey Girl!, or Skunk. (Please don't call me Skunk unless you're my older sister Dana or have always wondered what a pool cue could do for your profile.)

There used to be a lot of useless content here, but I don't think you want to read it, and why should you? If you want to find out ever-so-pertinent details like my shoe size (8.5), my favourite hair dye colour (Special Effects' Nuclear Red), or the name of the essay for which I once won a medal ("Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Victorian Sex, But the Church Was Afraid to Tell You"), it'd make a lot more sense to ask me directly. Along those lines, here's some contact information:

E-mail and MSN: noximist at hotmail dot com
E-mail I can (but not necessarily should) read from work: sarah.nason at utoronto.ca

But if you're still reading, I guess I can ramble for a bit. I'm an aspiring twentysomething writer-type girl living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and I can't help but notice that I'm getting weirder with age. I mean, that stuff that you do when you're fifteen, the stuff that makes your parents shake their heads and whisper reassuringly to each other, "No problem, this too shall pass..." - that stuff was nothing! It was only after I moved out of New Brunswick (and the associated pseudo-urban conservatism therein) that things started to flow properly.

I fantasize about designing things out of almost anything: words, metal, dye, clay, fabric, code, city property. I think things that aren't quite right, often involving organ theft or taxidermy, which are two very important subjects in today's society. One of my favourite hobbies from grade 10 straight into the end of my first degree involved blending programming in C with endless works of fiction, imaginary religions, and about a dozen invented forms of magic. Since then, I've branched out a bit, but the idea of mixing damned near everything to make the world a brighter and more creative place is never going away. And if it does, I hope a large pack of sentient spatulas decides to teach me a lesson.

I guess the easiest way to summarize me is as follows: I'm a happy geek-dreamer artist whose totem spirit and general life-screwer-upper is a winking-eyed Coyote who bears a striking resemblance to the Space Coyote Homer meets after eating the Guatemalan Insanity Peppers. (If you don't get the reference, you'll never want to read my future dissertation.) I change my haircolour about once a month, but don't worry, I don't think that defines me; I'm just making up for years of brown. Some days, I'm so full of love for the universe in general that I cause bystanders to burst into technicolour flames. It's a pretty sort of mess. And chances are, I'd be glad to get to know you better, though no hanky-panky will be involved unless you can think of a story to follow this first line: All the vampires are undying of AIDS. It's been driving me nuts for months, because it could be so freakin' sweet!