Welcome to Casa del Noximist. It's serious business in here!


... VERY serious. There used to be a solemn preamble here, but do you know what? I'm about as solemn as a flailingly flaming gopher (that is, a gopher that is engulfed in flame, though I suspect a flamboyantly fabulous rodent would also reflect an appropriate level of zing), so it's pretty much unfair to mislead you with big words and high-brow promises. To be honest, I'm not high-brow, and mainly use big words in order to create ever more complicated puns.


This website is a collection of little pieces of fiction that I've been working on since 2000 or so, coupled with various other projects that came tumbling out of my brain on occasions when Coyote prodded my grey matter just right. I create things so that others will see them, and though I make no claims of skill or value, the great thing about the grand old internet is the fact that if you're bored, it's really easy to leave. And if you feel your time's been wasted... well, it's hard to strangle a digital entity, so you can go right ahead and try. I'll be over here, eating samosas and thinking about quantum physics as applied to Sarah-bread-waste theory.