Pictures: Roman Candles in Oakville, May 19


Sorry, it must've been that bean I ate.


Two Steves and a Sarah descended on Oakville on Friday night, armed with a plan and about fifty roman candles. Oh yes, this was a good plan.

Of course, my plans didn't quite match theirs.

Nothing to see here, folks.

The future's so bright... blah blah blah kaboom.

After we had some initial and vaguely safe fun (ignoring, of course, the fact that each object says "DO NOT HOLD IN HAND" on it...), the two Steves decided to shoot each other in the face/leg/groin with roman candles. Simple common sense! My only rules were these:
1) I get to shoot some at the water, trees, and Steves as I see fit.
2) Shooting at Sarah means the shooter loses automatically.

They were okay with that, since they were just trying to kill themselves, anyway.

This is the LJ user known as Dreamstate7 taking a shot to the leg. There was a wee bit of swearing involved.

Then they started doubling and tripling up.

Steve got a bit concerned when the aliens arrived; alas, my crappy camera didn't capture the full majesty of the moment.

All in all, what's not to like? Nobody died, and I didn't even get burned to hell!