Pictures make me happy. I've been blessed with beautiful friends who do bizarre things in a colourful world, so it'd be wrong of me not to try and shoot them as often as possible. Sometimes with a camera, even! The photos below are my all-time favourites; click the thumbnails to see them properly. However, I'm also working on a huge directory of pages that chronicle our adventures in a visual sort of way - keep an eye out, and it'll be linked here soon.

Please note that I don't claim to be a photographer, and I don't claim that these shots have any artistic merit. That's just not what it's about, not with so many body parts on display. :P

Spring 2006

Steve + Roman Candle = Hot   What's not to like?   I turned his tattoo into a Frenchman - so what?   Fun IS fun.   Paper airplanes are fun   Tumble, tumble... 
More fun:
Roman Candles in Oakville, May 19
Joy and Airplanes, April 30

Winter 2005/2006

What have we got here?   Blundons on the walls!   Run run run run run!   From a somewhat less-than-inviting part of Museum Station   AUGH!   All that could have been     I don't quite know how to feel...   I will repaint you.  Severed hoof!    Happens all the time!  Howl for me, Coyote...  KYAH!  I've had nightmares just like this  Say what?!  Say what?!    Don't give Steves too much space or time or beer      But is it art? 
Weekend Warriors on the Industrial Warpath, February 11

Spring to Fall, 2005

Defying at least several natural laws   95% breasts and hair   Empty streetcar shelter ads just demand this sort of thing   Tramampoline!   Foosh.   Bychy and Ocelot, together at last.   Lovin' the Bychy  What, me worry?  Fwiends!  We're pretty much always idiots, but it's cool  At Jessica's cross-dressing birthday party 


Seren   Predatory   A friend posing in her bathtub   Another friend in Queen's Park  A solemn raver - who knew such a thing existed?   Your friend and humble narrator at Queens Park station   Adelaide the Mischievous   Sydney the Bored   A self-portrait   Two friends posing at the Reverb   A squirrel at Taylor Island, NB   Solo, the most adorable kitten ever

Scenery (Toronto)

PATH, leading toward Union Station   Queen's Park in February   City hall at Nathan Phillips Square, November '04   Graffiti on Queen St. West   Yonge and Wellington, October '04   Da Vinci for office!   Honest Ed's, pummeled with snow   A sign inside a subway car   Someone on Church St. is very trusting   Front St., near Union Station   Bathurst Street, near College   Queen St., paralyzed by several inches of snow   Bloor West near Huron St., January '05   St. George station   St. Patrick station - whoosh   Interesting lighting at Yorkdale station   Why do so many people love Val Kilmer here?   Nighttime on Front and Church, March '05   I thought my friends had just forgotten its name, but no!   St. Patrick - a test of will, or possibly stupidity  

Scenery (elsewhere)

A beaver dam in Grand Bay, NB   Peeking out of Taylor Island, NB   Fernhill cemetary - Saint John, NB - in '03   Frozen sunset in my parents' backyard   Frozen sunset in my parents' backyard   Taymouth, NB, in '03   Flying over the west coast of the US   Flying over the west coast of the US   Flying over the west coast of the US   Stanford campus, Palo Alto, CA   Westfield, NB   Saints Rest beach, NB   Flying over the west coast of the US   A view from Golden Gate Park, San Francisco   The ruins of Sutro Baths, San Francisco  

Blurry pictures taken in the dark

An epic showing of a gumball machine (Blue Man Group)   Nanochrist, February '05   Nanochrist, February '05   Nanochrist, February '05   Nanochrist, January '05   A young man filled with temperance shows off his glowsticks   The Blue Man Group, February '05