I'm still working on setting up this poor page, but don't you worry, content may be expected soon! I'm a big fan of projects, though I don't tend to finish them; there's just something massively satisfying about coming up with some grandioise idea and surrounding myself in myriad random supplies, hoping to make something neat. The best part of these things, though, is the fact that they're even better with help - so if you look at anything I've got going and feel a certain sort of intrigue, please tell me so. I bet we could double our weirdness ratings through synergy. ;)

Projects On-the-Go (or sitting in a box somewhere):
Photographing the Toronto subway system
The Anglo-Saxon board game of wonder and mystery
A hideous metal mobile made of stuff from Active Surplus

Finished-esque stuff:
Popfuelled up and ready to go! (August 2006)
My wall mural of a thousand good stories (April 2006)
A tin foil hat of unusual size (March 2006)
Steve's Christmas dragon (Christmas 2005)
8-bit Halloween decorations (October 2005)
Dear friends as Simpsons characters (Christmas 2004)