Projects: 8-bit Halloween Decorations

Halloween 2005: Steve-the-boyfriend has a fantastic idea for the annual condo party he and his roommates throw. This idea is simple, yet has ridiculously far-reaching creative consequences: let's decorate the place with early-90's video game stuff! The finished scene was pretty much amazing - giant Tetris pieces served as furniture, a huge Pacman game complete with dangling balloons was splayed out across the ceiling, and partygoers ran around dressed like characters from all sorts of games. (I was Kitana from Mortal Kombat, if you must know.)

My contribution consisted of about a dozen 8-bit drawings of characters from old games. They were hand-done, pixel-by-pixel, using the trackpad on my laptop, which was pretty much the most wrist-destroying project ever. It took eight straight hours to draw them all (I had box art to go on for most of them, but it's still a slow-assed task), and by the time I was done, there wasn't really time to get them up in the condo... so I put them here, in the hopes that my fabulous work will no go to waste. ;) It's pretty easy to tell which ones were drawn while I was still excited, and which came after I was thoroughly cranky-tired. The original versions were 3Dified with cyan and red shading, so they popped out when combined with the 3-D glasses we bought, but I'm sparing you that blindness-inspiring sight.

The creations:


Donkey Kong

That cocky Duck Hunt guy



Koopa Paratroopa




Samus Aran


I've discovered that I'm actually pretty good at drawing these... so if there's ever an old video game character you want rendered, baby, look me up.