(2000; I wrote this while in grade 12, and wow, it feels dated)


A constant silence so absolute that it rings with the clarity of the Divine, with things unseen and unshared.

Then, a decision.

A breath of expectation echoes through the silence, shattering the peace that will never return. Life begins to flit through the Void, a single beam of light in a vast, open-ended darkness. Expansion begins, the infinite lengths of the universe flowing outward to degrees unreached as Entropy becomes controlled by an unseen master. Time wakens then, bringing a finite edge to what had only been a dream before, and marches onward, as the pulsations of Life grow and strengthen in their rhythm.

Tendrils of curiosity swirl in their no-longer-silent confinement, experimenting with the darkness abounding as they find nourishment in its shadows. Muffled sounds an infinite distance away echo through the Void, incomprehensible as the voices of the Gods.

Something changes.

Life begins to flow in a direction it had not understood before, finding a strange, cold solace away from the Void. A thousand tiny pinpricks of flame tear through the universe, echoing like the laughter of madmen into the unexpecting Life, which releases its first cries of pain.

A shocking discovery emerges: Life, all that it had ever known, is but a tiny fraction of a much larger whole. An infinite world of images, sounds, colours and shapes appears before the unsuspecting victim, and to the rest of the world, a child is born.