Leda Meets Coyote

(February 1, 2001; it was a Leda-meets-Coyote-after-the-swan-leaves sort of scenario, but I never finished it. I'm posting it in the hopes that I'll reread it someday and suddenly know how it should end.. or begin, for that matter.)
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A choked sound echoed through the room, bouncing off of the walls and growing steadily more abstract each time it returned from the undecorated stones until it seemed utterly inhuman. Coyote spun round in a slow circle, yellow fur glowing iridescent in the dim light, and peered upward at Leda, whose hands remained pressed to her pale face.

As he noted her shock, one of the canine's golden eyes closed in a slow wink, his lanky body curling into a lazy ball.

"You didn't expect to see me, na?"